DIY Effie Trinket Costume

Effie Trinkett Halloween costume

Effie and Katniss

“The Hunger Games” is going to be all anyone is talking about for the next couple years. It has created quite a stir in the popular culture of today and it will definitely be one of those things that continues on immortally. But while “The Hunger Games” is popular in the here and now, you’ll want to really make yourself stand out at your next Halloween party. To complement the Katniss costume I told you about, why not dress up as the eccentric Effie Trinket, the always fashionable escort to the District 12 tributes during the Hunger Games.? It’s a fun and exciting way to spice up the party.

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Effie is known for her pale skin, bright lips and bright hair. A bright pink, powder white or light green wig (if you can find such a thing!) is perfect to emulate Effie.  The color of the wig will determine what kind of outfit you want to get. In chapter one of “The Hunger Games”, Katniss describes her at the Reaping as having a “scary white grin, pinkish hair, and spring green suit.”

You can emulate the outfit that Katniss describes, or you can try putting together the outfit they chose for the Reaping scene in the movie, the fuchsia suit. If you’re looking to score a deal on this costume, scour any thrift store you can for a fuchsia pencil skirt and jacket. An old 80s prom dress would also be a good idea to alter because the puffy sleeves were all the rage back then. Put on your pink or white wig and to top it all off, find a large pink clip flower because that is what really sets Effie apart.

As for make-up, the base really needs to be pale white powder all over your face. Her eye make-up consists of bright pink eye shadow that surrounds the whole eye or a rainbow of different colors, depending on the outfit you choose. The lipstick can either be a straight application of fuchsia color or applied more in a heart shape, in a Tim-Burton-Alice-in-Wonderland-esque kind of style. Fake eyelashes wouldn’t hurt one bit either.

Effie Trinkett Make-up Photo via Emily Duke

The best part about Effie is that she is so eccentric! As long as you have the standard pale face and bright wig, you can pull off just about any outfit and people will still know who you’re trying to be. Just have fun with it! If you and a friend show up as Katniss and Effie, you will be the true life of the party! As Effie so eloquently states, may the odds be ever in your favor!

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