Mulan’s Best Dresses

Given the announcement that Disney is producing a live action version of their classic 1998 tail Mulan and that Mulan herself is one of the most influential and inspiring Disney characters to date, I decided to take a look at a couple of her most well known dress style in the original cartoon.

Green Dress

Mulan Green DressIn the beginning of the movie Mulan wears a green dress (I apologize for my lack of knowledge on what her style of clothing is actually called, but for Disney princess purposes we will continue to refer to it as a dress). The green dress is casual and comfortable. It allows her to have an elegant appearance while maintaining flexibility and agility.

Pink Dress

mulan pink dress

Mulan had reached the pivotal point in her life where marriage was her only next option. Thus she was transformed by the match maker into a beautiful dolled up woman with the hope of attracting the “perfect” man.

Which dress to choose?

The green dress wins when it comes to comfort and versatility. If you are planning on moving around a lot and potentially showing off some fighting moves to protect your friends from any incoming danger then the green dress is for you.

If going all out and getting thoroughly dressed up then the pink dress is for you. It can be a lot of work especially with the make-up, but when done properly this outfit will wow your friends as well as strangers.